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Brand New Street Team Livejournal Community
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Closed community for members of the Brand New Street Team

The Street Team Community for Brand New on LiveJournal!
Community established October 6, 2003 by viva_chill.


Brand New Street Team

The only way to join the community is to send an email to viva_chill@livejournal.com or
comment to the public post and tell me what your Brand New Street Team Screenname is
on Fancorps and currently how many points you have.
Once I verify you are a member, you will be added to the community.
Please include your LJ username in any email message!!!

Brand New was started in a very obligatory basement in Merrick, New York, a suburb of Manhattan by singer/guitarist
Jesse Lacey, drummer Brian Lane, guitarist Vin Accardi, and bassist Garrett Tierney. The four individuals all had musical
roots sunk in the Long Island Independent/Hardcore music scene, but with tastes that ranged from Buddy Rich to the
Archers of Loaf to .... blah blah blah... the band always felt like it could move outside of whatever notions they felt inclined
to when they were making music as younger people. After recording their first record, Your Favorite Weapon, with a friend
and fifth band member, Mike Sapone, they began to tour the nation relentlessly. A second record, Deja Entendu, followed
and so did the touring. U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia (sort of), Japan.... almost Japan. A third record, The Devil and God
are Raging Inside Me, brought more touring. Then with a few exceptions, Brand New kind of disappeared a little to record
a fourth abum. This album will be released when Brand New resurfaces, which will hopefully be sometime in 2009, not sure
how much longer the fans can wait. They're not sure exaclty how many records they've sold, or exactly how many people
like them. But it's going pretty well right now for them and they just go with it.
(Taken mostly word-for-word from the official site.)

It all started with brand_new ... following the decision to make that community moderated, the
logical thing to do was create a separate community for the Street Team. This prevents private Street Team happenings
from intertwining with the likes of the public happenings. All posts made can only be seen by other members. Members
must be approved to join. If you're not a member of the Street Team, you shouldn't be here. If you love Brand New
but you aren't a member of the Street Team, join brand_new.

viva_chill - Chill! is not only the creator of this community but is also the maintainer of the community. She has
pretty much been obsessed with music since she discovered New Kids on the Block in the late 1980's. Her musical
influences range from NKOTB to Brand New to ... blah blah blah ... she doesn't trust the people who only like one
single genre of music. Yes, she has a Brand New inspired tattoo. Outside of bands that she loves and movies that she
loves, she cares only about her fuzzy grey cat. Even though it's nothing more than the internet to some, she takes the
community to heart and plans to be around until the end.

If you have a question or a complaint about the community or any questions that
are unrelated to the community, please do not hesitate to contact her directly. The best way to get in contact with her
is by e-mail: chill@so-rad.net or viva_chill@livejournal.com.

  • The first rule of this community is -
          you do not talk about Fight Club.
  • The second rule of this community is -
         you DO talk about Brand New.
  • The third rule of this community is -
         you must keep posts related to the Brand New Street Team.
         General Brand New chatter should be directed to brand_new.
  • The fourth rule of this community is -
         it is not Fight Club.
  • The fifth rule of this community is -
         you do not post nonsense...
        or we might turn Fight Club on you.
  • The sixth rule of this community is -
          you will have fun, share stories, appreciate Brand New, yadda yadda yadda.

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