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Brand New Street Team

The only way to join the community is to send an email to viva_chill@livejournal.com
Tell me what your Brand New Street Team Screenname and how many points you have.
Once I verify you are a member, you will be added to the community.
Once the email is received, you will be invited to join the community
or approved if you've already joined.

You may also comment to this post with the same information:
- Fancorps Screen Name
- Current Points

*Note: If you do not include your username I will reject your membership.
If you have joined and have not emailed me, I will try to contact you.
If you do not respond within a week or 2, I will reject your membership.
If I reject your membership, try again... the right way.

P.S. If you aren't a member of the Street Team, you aren't a member of this community... but you can join brand_new instead!